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Post by Neefas on Fri Jan 22, 2016 9:59 pm

- Your in-game name: Neefas
- Your age: 19, going to 20
- Your Country: (Brazil)
- Rate yourself in English (-/10): 8
- Rate your whole skills in playing SAMP (-/10): 9, but 10 in desert eagle skin shot
- Since when and you are playing in MG(Y/M): october 2015
- Since when and you have started playing SAMP (Y/M): since 4 years ago, in RP and AAD servers
- Screenshot of your In-game status (Get it via UCP):
- Your behavior with other players: Man, I'm a brazilian 19 years old kid that wanna joke with everybody, so ... I talk to everyone a lot and shut up when the thinks get hard, like a fight or what else.

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Re: Neeeeeeeefas

Post by Aaron on Fri Jan 22, 2016 11:31 pm


We'll start voting on your application, This may take up to 2 days, so be patient.

We are updating some stuff in the forum. I'll request you to wait a bit more, just few days then we'll inform you if you'll get accepted or not.

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Re: Neeeeeeeefas

Post by Yǿusef on Sun Jan 24, 2016 1:35 pm

Your application has been ACCEPTED, Congratulations!
You will have your rank as a Newbie Member soon...
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